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Ear Wax Removal - Microsuction


Ear Wax Removal - Microsuction

what is ear wax?

ear wax is a mixture of oil, fats, sweat and dead skin cells found in the ear canal. it is providing protection against bacteria, dirt and dust preventing them from damaging the ear canal and tympanic membrane. the oils also prevent the ear canal from becoming too dry.

why does ear wax build up?

everyone is different and this also applies to ear wax. some people just produce more wax than others. people with really narrow, hairy or small ear canals are more prone to a build up as it does not take much wax to be produced to block up their ears. it can be simply that they over produce ear wax naturally or perhaps they have very narrow or small ear canals.

main causes of hearing loss and ear wax build up are as follows:

    getting older

    structure of the ear canal

    too much hair in the canal

    use of cotton buds

    wearing hearing aids

    wearing in the ear headphones

how do i know i have a build up of wax?

    experiencing a dull pain in the ear canal

    a loss of hearing especially after a shower or swimming

    a constant ringing or buzzing in the ear i.e. tinnitus

    some people experience dizziness

    an irritation of itchiness that can not be ignored

excessive or impacted wax can be uncomfortable, diminish hearing and cause problems with hearing aid use. we are now providing appointments for quick and painless relief from blocked ears with micro suction ear wax removal.

micro suction is currently the preferred method for wax removal as it is safer and more comfortable than the traditional ‘ear irrigation’ technique. it is suitable for everyone including those who have previously suffered from perforated ear drums or are unable to get water down their ears.

our staff are professionals and will always seek to do their best to deal with your inquiry in a timely manner. although we understand that it can be frustrating when dealing with ear wax, please treat all our staff with respect.

how much does ear wax removal cost?

we charge £29.99 for one ear or £49.99 for two ears. if we decide you don’t need any wax removing, you won’t pay anything.  please also be aware that in the case of severely impacted wax, further return visits may be required which are chargeable.